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Recruit a team...

             ...rather than an isolated profile
Your digital projects deserve flexibility, multidisciplinarity and collective intelligence.

Turn your investments into results. Save time and take better advantage of digital, agility, open-source and emerging technologies

Choose your goal 

You want to innovate, accelerate or reduce your risks and costs. Each problem has its ideal team.

Develop a Digital Product 

  • New services and revenues 

  • Turn your ideas into outcomes

  • A new image on the web

  • Automation of your activities 

  • More services and value for your ecosystem 

Migrate Your Applications to the Cloud

  • Savings on infrastructure 

  • More budget for your applications

  • Global and automatic scalability

  • Faster deployments

  • More autonomous teams

  • And your freedom preserved! 

How ?

Put Artificial Intelligence In Your Applications 

  • Predictions or regressions in your applications 

  • Automated suggestions 

  • Automatic classifications

  • Pattern detection

  • Less error and time savings for your users 

Improve your agility 

  • Better responsiveness 

  • Lower risk taking 

  • More visibility on progress 

  • Better managed priorities 

  • More autonomous and efficient teams 

  • More serenity in the face of changes and uncertainties 

Build your team 

What is the recipe in 2021 to carry out your digital projects? The digital then the health crisis caused massive disruptions. The old ways no longer work. The ingredients below are making it possible to achieve spectacular results now. 


Faster results and a controlled investment. 

Why agility? 

DevOps Culture

Shorter time to market and more reliability

Why the DevOps culture? 

Team work 

Faster problem solving. 

Why work in a team? 

Remote working

More varied and more available skills. 


More original and richer innovations. 


Technological independence and pooling of costs. 

Why open-source? 

The digital world is complex. To innovate you have to understand it better, master it, take advantage of it.