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Our vision

We believe that digital technology offers unlimited opportunities to rethink how businesses operate, renew and decentralize ways of working. We explore the digital universe and organizational methods and wish to achieve a form of business that simultaneously guarantees: 

  • more value and satisfaction for customers and partners 

  • better quality of life at work and employee compensation 

  • better growth and profitability for the company 

We are convinced that one of the methods to achieve this is to rely on innovation, quality, decentralization, and on strong values such as agility, trust, freedom, sharing and cooperation. We operate through experiments, measurements, corrections and continuous improvement, which includes the right to make mistakes on short cycles. 

This vision, fundamentally attached to CSR, is currently reflected in us by: 

Carte de France Anybox

  • A team of 26 people 

  • A 100% collaborative teleworking organization since 2012 

  • Decentralized and constitutional management (Holacracy) since 2016 

  • Strong employee responsibility 

  • An attachment to free software and open-source in general (see our manifesto on the subject) 

  • A desire to promote and structure intrapreneurship so that it bears fruit

All of this has a positive impact on the work we do with our partners and we always hope to be able to engage in long-term cooperative relationships rather than asymmetric customer / supplier relationships. We like to work with companies, associations or organizations that are socially responsible or have the will to improve their social responsibility. In doing so, we are fulfilling our ambition to develop Anybox as a new generation ESN, in line with the needs of its customers and its employees and partners, and whose strong growth (30% on average) is proof of the relevance of the model. developed.