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Why agility?

Agility offers a safe, but flexible framework.

It brings you many advantages:


A capacity to adapt

You can quickly change priorities by operating in short iterations.

A controlled investment

You focus on the value of the product, you get to the point, and can stop iterations whenever you want.

More satisfaction

You give your customers or users what they really need thanks to their regular feedback.

A team  

It undertakes to meet the objectives set in collaboration with the client. Self-organized, she is invested and involved in the project.

More speed

You arrive more quickly at a workable solution thanks to the management of priorities and demonstrable objectives in each sprint.

Better visibility

You better anticipate the end of the project thanks to the analysis of the progress of theteam and regular product demos.

Some concrete figures on the benefits of agility (
source) :

55 %
faster time to market

 3x to 4x
increase in speed to revenue

 25 %

of cost decrease

50 %

increase in quality

30 %

boost in employee engagement

Agility gives more importance to

individuals and their interactions

Over Processes and Tools

Customer Collaboration

Over Contract Negotiation

working software

Over Comprehensive Documentation

Responding to Change

Over Following a Plan

The 12 principles of agility

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