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How to migrate
your services
to the Cloud

And how do you guarantee the success of the migration?

Follow the 4-step guide:

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1 - Define your goals

The Cloud is not an objective in itself, but a means ... for what objectives? Improve security? Reduce the risk of downtime? Better to cope with peak loads? Vary the capacity dynamically? Reduce your operational costs?

Define and quantify the final gain to be obtained. Then trust the team to find the best way to get there.

2 - Build the ideal team early  

The complexity and requirements of a Cloud project mean that technical competence alone is not enough.
You have to combine several skills and then get them to work together effectively.

Product Owner

This role carries, defines and transmits the vision of the project. He is responsible for the value created. It sets priorities and measures progress.

Facilitator or Scrum Master

This role organizes and enforces an agile process. It protects the team to ensure its efficiency and speed.

SysOps / DevOps

They define and develop as a self-organized team the architecture, interface and functionalities of Cloud hosting. They must guarantee its quality, security and scalability.


Anyone using the services deployed or affected by them. She tests it, gives her feedback and indicates her wishes.

This role is too often overlooked, involve it and consult it often!

3 - Add the right ingredients


Collaborative teleworking

4 - Let the potion act

The success of your projects is rooted in practices, values, culture, management, versatility. These ingredients form the unique personality of Anybox, which has taken over 10 years to build. You can save valuable time by booking your
team early take advantage of these benefits

You will be able :

  • Easily deploy new services, generate new revenue

  • Recover budget for your innovations

  • Benefit from the scalable side of the Cloud

  • Automate your digital infrastructure

  • Offer more services and value for your ecosystem

We have already supported startups, large companies, SMEs, associations, public or intergovernmental organizations, in many sectors: insurance, education, public sector, health, agriculture, press.

The right digital skills are in high demand, , book them now!.

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