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Why DevOps ?

Discover the benefits of DevOps practices and culture. 

Discover the concrete figures of the spectacular improvements obtained. 

Faster time to market

You can experiment and pivot faster because the software production chain is automated. 

Long-term savings 

You trade in the recurring and sometimes astronomical costs of production incidents for a siled upfront investment. 

customer satisfaction

You increase quality because what is deployed in production is tested more often and automatically. 

Better collaboration

Dev and Ops teams become more productive become more productive because they collaborate better. 

Better security 

Automation provides the opportunity to test application security. 

What is DevOps? 

DevOps is a set of practices that bring together development (Dev) and operations (Ops)  teams de développement (Dev) et d'exploitation (Ops).


Summary of DevOps Practices 

Software, unit or functional tests are carried out as early as possible and automated. They must be carried out under conditions similar to production, via continuous integration. This also contains an evaluation of the code quality. Applications are then deployed as often as possible through automation. In production, the application is monitored via probes and indicators available at all times. The users are finally integrated into a continuous improvement loop. 

Thanks to DevOps practices, the most successful companies ... 

208 times more
frequent code deployments
106 times faster
lead time from commit to deploy

2604 times faster
time to recover from incidents
7 times lower
change failure rate

... than low performers (see DORA's State of DevOps)

Also benefit from these elite performances for your projects! 

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