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Expertise and technical assistance in teleworking 

We provide you with outsourcing time from experts who work remotely as a team and integrate into your teams to accelerate your digital transformation.

Vous aveYou can choose between two modes of intervention:

  • A fixed monthly envelope contract of days, with a minimum of 10 days per month. The number of days can be adjusted upwards or downwards with 3 months' notice, and the days not worked are carried over to the following month with a ceiling of 3 months. This contract is to be preferred if you want a continuous rhythm. 

  • A remote times and material contract, framed by a minimum and a maximum. This contract is to be preferred if you want a variable rate of progress, with sprints and breaks. 

We help you with the following services: 

Cloud & DevOps

  • Infrastructure Construction and Migration 

  • Outsourcing 

  • Kubernetes and AWS / Azure expertise 

Développements sur mesure

  • Management applications 

  • Applications métier

  • Web Applications

  • Mobile Applications as PWA

  • Collaborative Applications

  • PYTHON et VUE.JS Expertise

Data science et IA

  • Data recovery, cleaning 

  • Exploratory analysis 

  • Modeling, coding 

  • Assessment and interpretation 

  • Production

  • Specialties: Scikit-Learn, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch 

  • Machine Learning, Deep learning

Conseil en agilité

  • SCRUM support 

  • Agility training 

  • Collective intelligence workshops 

  • Change management 

  • Innovation workshops 

  • Framing missions 

  • Bootstrap, monitoring and project management 

Our mission

Our mission is to help you innovate and accelerate. Help you take advantage of digital and emerging technologies to differentiate yourself, accelerate and diversify your sales, reduce your operational costs and risks. 

We adapt technology to people, by developing tailor-made solutions. We support humans towards technology by enabling them to better understand and manage it. The two must be as autonomous as possible but must cooperate. 

Your success will be based on the peculiarities and the human and technological experience of a new generation digital service company :
digital, open-source,  agility, DevOps, constitutional management , 100% collaborative telework, trust, benevolence, organizational learning.