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Why open-source?

Discover the advantages of open-source.

It is a catalyst for innovation. It is also a legal mechanism that protects you.


Faster innovations

You can start from the state of the art and arrive more quickly at a level that allows you to innovate.

Competitive differentiation

You can develop your competitive advantage based on open-source solutions

Pooling of costs

Development and maintenance costs can be shared between several players.

No vendor-locking

You can customize open-source solutions, change providers more easily, depend less on a publisher.

Better sustainability

You are less dependent on a vendor's strategy or its economic viability.

Better security

The public opening of the source code makes it possible to increase the level of security.

Open-source is based on four fundamental freedoms


without limitations or constraints


alone or incorporated into an innovation


fow own use


by distributing modified versions

This illustration comes from an article on our blog.

Our teams develop your innovations using open-source components.

  • You can also develop an open-source solution or help us contribute to an existing solution.