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Calculate your environmental impact

You want to help in the fight against climate change. By developing digital tools it is possible to help you.

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Why calculate our environmental impact?

Improve environmental awareness within your sector

Provide your users with an interactive and personalized tool

Rely on data and graphical representations

Measure your impact to know by how much you will reduce it

How Anybox helps its customers

The director of an association of large concrete and cement suppliers wishes to provide his sector with an online application for calculating the environmental impact of concrete constructions, taking into account all the stages. The objective is to compare two competing road techniques and determine which one is the most suitable from an economic and environmental point of view. Anybox is developing an application, available publicly, to create and store a comparison: soil treatment or granular borrowings, traditional treatments and techniques, pavement reprocessing or reinforcement. The results are displayed in a synthetic way and allow data export.