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Develop a new sales channel

Your sales are stagnating or have declined, the pandemic has had negative consequences on your market. You want to innovate thanks to digital and find new customers.

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 Why develop a new sales channel?

Enrich your customer panel

Diversify and transform your business model

Reduce your costs by automating certain sales channels

Become more competitive and increase perceived value

Personalize your sales individually

How Anybox helps its customers

The CTO of a startup in the optics wants to accelerate sales in stores, allow offline sales, and unify operational management between sales in stores and those on the web. Anybox intervenes thanks to a versatile team to participate in the development of a software solution for in-store sales and stock management, operating offline, and connected to a central ERP. The solution makes stores more resilient in the event of an internet failure, and sales are processed faster.

The IT manager of a union wants to renew its management application and automate the calculation and recall of contributions according to the situation of members. Anybox intervenes to redesign the application in a personalized way, based on an open-source ERP. The reminders and the automatic calculation of contributions ultimately increase income by 10%.