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Empower my external development teams

You have several external contributors who carry out developments, maintenance and changes. You want their work to be integrated faster and more collaborative.

I also have this need

 Why empower my external development teams?

Speed ​​up your operations and deployments

Save time by delegating more and better

Accelerate business and your digital transformation

Gain confidence and security

Ensure quality and agility thanks to

How Anybox helps its customers

The CTO of an association in education wants to allow web agencies and external service providers to quickly and safely deploy changes on school websites. Anybox sets up a team of Cloud and DevOps experts to containerize all the applications and deploy them on a public cloud. An automated DevOps process is put in place thanks to a software forge and continuous integration and deployment steps.

The applications manager of a press group needs to involve external service providers in order to ensure the maintenance and development of a set of applications made up of e-commerce sites and management backoffices. Anybox provides a responsive and expert team, reachable by instant messaging, to deploy Cloud and DevOps (Gitlab) solutions, ensure the 24/7 availability of applications, and meet the needs of external providers.