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Frame your ideas on an innovation project 

You have ideas but you don't know how to get started. Here are the usual questions on this subject and the reasons for leading a collective intelligence workshop very early on. 

I also have this need 

Why start with a collective workshop? 

Generate more ideas and better quality than you would have on your own 

Divide by ten the time needed to conduct an experiment 

Minimize the time invested by each actor 

Avoid endless arguing for the best idea 

Get concrete results or a prototype in less than 2 weeks 

How Anybox helps its customers 

The president of an association wants to set up a digital solution to manage and lead a collective. Several ideas or technological solutions are proposed too early and defended by members of the collective. Discussions waste time and application solutions are developed too quickly and do not give satisfaction. A significant part of the budget is lost. Anybox intervenes to facilitate the generation of ideas and organizes a Design Sprint workshop with only 7 people. In just 10 days, a viable solution is collectively identified and a mock-up is produced. The roadmap is drawn and the project can begin with confidence.