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Keep my applications up to date and make them evolve

Your applications are becoming more and more obsolete or even rusty. There are performance issues, or you are no longer sure of the level of security.

I also have this need

 Why have up-to-date applications?

Give yourself the opportunity to regularly get new features

Protect yourself against obsolescence

Smooth your maintenance budget and avoid unforeseen expenses

Avoid security concerns

Correct any anomalies that can be detected

How Anybox helps its customers

The person in charge of a management application in a ministry wishes to keep the platform up to date and develop it gradually. Anybox mobilizes an expert on this application and sets up a monthly intervention contract. Corrections are made on demand and the application's Python components are kept up to date to avoid any security risk.

The IT managerof a union wants to fight against the obsolescence of its management application and be in compliance with the GDPR. Anybox sets up a corrective and scalable maintenance contract with a dedicated hotline, makes regular fixes, then offers an overhaul and redistribution of the application in the form of mini-services in order to facilitate maintenance and scalability.