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Benefit from expertise or training on my applications

Your applications are used at 20%, no one has mastered your solution, the same questions come up too often.

I also have this need

 Why benefit from expertise or training?

Facilitate the evolution of your applications

Streamline operations and save time

Enter the virtuous cycle of the learning organization

Avoid the proliferation of temporary workarounds

Allow your teams to better define new needs

How Anybox helps its customers

The manager of a travel agency wants to facilitate internal exchanges between salespeople and the staff who design the trips. Anybox provides training and assistance to help it set up the open-source Odoo solution and configure it both as an ERP and as an intranet, so that the entire workflow of the activity is managed by the same software platform and many errors and wasted time are eliminated.

The CFO of a company creating and managing office spaces is supporting the overhaul of its information system with the aim of speeding up the processing of supplier invoices. She calls on Anybox to support her in her use of Odoo. The collaboration begins and a first site on a reduced perimeter makes it possible to validate the collaboration. The client notes: "a high quality of listening, and therefore a better understanding of our business needs, upon arrival a certain guarantee that the solution will work, as well as the implementation of a good project management methodology, on a tool of which one is clearly not an expert.