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Centralize my business management

You are using too many different software. They are difficult to interconnect and aging. You have errors, processing latencies, maintenance concerns.

I also have this need

 Why centralize the management of the company?

Reduce the number of tools

Eliminate the hassle of interconnecting your software

Streamline and accelerate your business

Reduce the complexity of your information system

Avoid mistakes and re-entries

How Anybox helps its customers

The manager of a Parisian industrial company wants to set up a production management tool, interfaced with sales. Anybox sets up an open-source ERP in the form of a suite of applications including CRM, sales management, production management. Continuous training makes the team fully autonomous in the use of ERP and smoothes the cost over the year.

The director of an SME in natural health product design team is looking for a sales, invoicing, production and supply management solution that allows product and flavor mix management. Anybox intervenes to set up an open-source ERP and customize it to meet the needs of mixing raw materials. An annual maintenance and support contract offers assistance in getting started and results in user autonomy.