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Deploy your applications faster

Your deployments are too long, too complicated or too risky. You have to do something.

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 Why accelerate your deployments?

Your teams gain confidence and agility

General quality improves

Many ideas can be tested in order to choose the best

Errors are corrected faster

You gain the trust of users by proposing frequent improvements

How Anybox helps its customers

The CTO of an associationwith an international dimension in the education sector provides and maintains more than 80 applications worldwide for educational establishments, to develop digital technology in schools. Anybox helps it with a stable and responsive team, with agile practices, available by instant messaging, to build a Cloud solution and tools for continuous integration and rapid deployment. The CIO of a large press group involves several service providers to deploy and maintain business applications, and wants to enable them to deploy quickly. Anybox provides an expert team both on the Cloud infrastructure and on the applications themselves, to facilitate, automate and make the deployment of applications more reliable.