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Develop an MVP or an innovative tool 

You have ideas and want to develop an application mockup to validate them. But you hesitate and do not know the best practices for moving quickly. 

I also have this need 

Why frame the development of a model or an MVP? 

Test and validate your ideas quickly 

Get good visibility on the progress and completion date 

Bring satisfaction to all your stakeholders 

Define the best technical architecture according to your objectives 

Facilitate experimentation and reorientation 

Guarantee the quality and scalability of the application 

How Anybox helps its customers 

The founders of a startup in agriculture want to facilitate the animation of groups of farmers, without depending on a multitude of tools and social networks, while centralizing information and guaranteeing confidentiality. Anybox sets up an agile team made up of senior full-stack developers and a Scrum Master and develops a collaborative platform bringing together messaging, calendar, document sharing, surveys and other features. Quality is ensured by the agile process, unit tests and good development practices. The progress is done in iterations, according to the pace of the startup, with pauses in order to measure the impact of the features. 

The founders of a startup in tourism want to develop and evolve their management platform for their customers. They are faced with a trade-off on certain functionalities requested by customers. Anybox gradually decreases the technical debt of the application by adding automated tests to secure future developments and helps prioritize developments based on the level of complexity assessed.