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Guarantee the availability and security of my applications

Your teams no longer have enough time to deal with production applications and obsolescence is looming over you. It is a security risk.

I also have this need

 Why outsource application maintenance?

Unload your company from a very time-consuming and technically complex task

Free up budget for your applications and the value provided to your users

Focus on what is of value

Accelerate feature deployment

Get better responsiveness and dedicated skills

How Anybox helps its customers

The manager of a linguistic verification activity wishes to free himself from the tasks of maintaining his production application, in order to concentrate on acquiring new customers and expanding his international network of partners. Anybox provides expertise on the application and ensures that it works correctly 24 hours a day. Blockages or anomalies are corrected quickly, and improvements are made on a regular basis.

The director of an association with an international scope in education wants to accelerate the digital transformation of establishments and optimize his budget. The budget is allocated 100% to the maintenance of a private infrastructure and does not leave room for applications. Anybox performs a budget analysis and then sets up a team of Cloud experts to migrate applications from an old private infrastructure to a public cloud. Three-quarters of the budget is released and is reallocated to applications and new projects.