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Redesign Software

Your applications are aging, difficult to maintain, not scalable. They penalize your growth or prevent you from adapting to the market. 

I also have this need 

Why redesign an application or my information system? 

Get rid of maintenance nightmare of your old applications

Become more autonomous, more independent 

Save time for your teams 

Increase your flexibility in the face of new needs 

Simplify your information system and make your applications better communicate 

Better integrate digital into your business model 

How Anybox helps its customers 

The applications manager of a mutual health insurance group and a broker wants to make it easier to define and manage new contracts and insurance products, and replace an old application. Anybox performs a technical audit of the old application, sets up a team of senior developers, and then facilitates the agile transition of the organization thanks to the presence of a ScrumMaster. The developed application becomes a central element of the digital transition and of the group's business model.