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Take back control of my apps

You are penalized by the lack of scalability of some of your applications which are a modified version of a publisher solution. You can regain your independence.

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 Why take back control of my applications?

Better drive your digital transition

Be less dependent on a supplier's strategy

Empower your teams and improve your agility

Develop your applications independently

Internalize what's critical to your business

Facilitate the transition of your business model to digital

How Anybox helps its customers

The director of an intergovernmental organization wants to internalize her main production application. The old version was the result of specific developments carried out on top of an aging solution from a publisher. She also wishes to take the opportunity to identify new sources of income thanks to the complete mastery of the solution. Anybox sets up a multidisciplinary team, made up of senior developers, DevOps engineers, Scrum master, to completely overhaul the current solution. Assistance in recruiting a developer followed by training allows the organization to gradually become autonomous on the solution.

The CIO of a press group wants to master the software infrastructure that runs his business applications and allow external stakeholders to be autonomous in their deployments. Anybox provides an expert team in Cloud infrastructure and migrates applications from a proprietary solution to an internal open-source infrastructure. The team can be contacted directly by instant messaging and offers excellent responsiveness.