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Here is an overview of the outcomes we have achieved for our clients. 

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Frame our ideas on an innovation project 

You have ideas but you don't know how to get started. Here are the usual questions on this subject and the reasons for leading a collective intelligence workshop very early on. 

Develop an MVP or an innovative tool 

You have ideas and want to develop an application mockup to validate them. But you hesitate and do not know the best practices for moving quickly. 

Redesign software 

Your applications are aging, difficult to maintain, not scalable. They penalize your growth or prevent you from adapting to the market. 

Transform my business model 

Some of your applications are aging, difficult to maintain, not scalable. 

Calculate your environmental impact 

You want to help in the fight against climate change. By developing digital tools it is possible to help you. 

Develop a new sales channel 

Your sales are stagnating or have declined. The pandemic has taken a toll on your market. You want to innovate thanks to digital, find new customers, get ahead of your competitors. 



Improve the agility of my teams 

Your development teams find it difficult to collaborate effectively, to dialogue, to collect needs and to be autonomous. This can be felt in slow, irrelevant deliveries or with perfectible quality. 

Deploy my applications faster 

Your deployments are too long, too complicated or too risky. You have to do something. 

Empower my outsourced development teams  

You have several external contributors who carry out developments, maintenance and changes. You want their work to be integrated faster and more collaborative. 

Speed up my online sales 

Your online store is too slow, or the ERP behind the store is not collecting the charge. You start to lose customers. 

Better cooperate thanks to applications 

You want to promote innovation, experimentation and the exchange of ideas in your ecosystem or your business. 

Bring together all my activities on the web 

You have multiple disparate e-commerce websites, or inconsistent sales channels. It becomes difficult to manage and you waste time. You want to speed up your business. 

Save time in management tasks 

You use a lot of paper and spreadsheets. You spend a lot of time re-entering information. The cost of certain support functions becomes too high. 

Reduce costs and risks 

Facilitate organizational change 

The innovations underway in your department or business cause fear, frustration or resistance. You can act responsibly and efficiently. 

Take back control of my apps 

You are penalized by the lack of scalability of some of your applications which are a modified version of a publisher solution. You can regain your independence. 

Guarantee the availability and security of my applications 

Your teams no longer have enough time to deal with production applications and obsolescence is looming over you. It is a security risk. 

Find a Python expert 

Your applications are in Python and you lack resources or expertise on this language. You want to perform an audit, fix bugs, or develop new features. 

Benefit from expertise or training on my applications  

Your applications are used at 20%, no one has mastered your solution, the same questions come up too often. 

Guarantee the deadline, scope or budget of my projects 

You can effectively drive these three components of an application development project, following the principles of agility. 

Keep my applications up to date and make them evolve 

Your applications are becoming more and more obsolete or even rusty. There are performance issues, or you are no longer sure of the level of security. 

Centralize my business management 

You are using too many different software. They are difficult to interconnect and aging. You have errors, processing latencies, maintenance concerns.