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Why teamwork?

Digital has become incredibly complex. The specialties are very numerous, no one can claim to have mastered everything.

A well-established and multidisciplinary team is better than the sum of its members.

Better ideas

The ideas of a single person are limited by their skills, experience, beliefs.

More fluidity

Problems are resolved faster through the constant exchange of ideas.

More skills

A team can fill in the gaps of a single person.

Less risk

Several people take ownership of the project and can compensate for absences.

More velocity

The tasks can be distributed as best as possible according to the appetites or skills of the team.

Teamwork can take a variety of forms.
Here are some examples applied to several cases.

The agile team

It is the minimum team essential today to carry out a digital innovation project and face the unknown. It often consists of at least four distinct roles and a set of planning, costing, demo, reviews, retrospective meetings.

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Development team

It is teamwork used by developers. It can take many forms, such as frequent handovers, simultaneous work, demonstration sessions, architectural design work, refactoring.

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The prelude phase

It is a collective work of framing at the very beginning of the project making it possible to determine the composition and values ​​of the team, align visions, determine priorities and work methods.

A project that starts without a prelude is doomed to misunderstandings and future tensions.

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DevOps team

This is a team organized to bring Devs and Ops closer together . The Devs design applications and are responsible for putting them into production and operations. The Ops mastered infrastructure and accompanying Devs in their practice tests, deployment, understanding the tools and the use of the infrastructure.

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